Free Farm Pest Control – EDgun leshiy 2 and FX dreamline Back to Back NV ratting session 2021

  • 2021.02.01
  • FX
Free Farm Pest Control – EDgun leshiy 2 and FX dreamline Back to Back NV ratting session 2021

just some more footage of some pest control we’ve carried out in the first week of 2021!, I’ve been meaning to film/share my pest control activities for years, after a few kit upgrades I got there in the end and its now 2021 :/ mad.

This particular night we visited two permissions of what turned out to be a short but enjoyable couple sessions was home by 11pm.
The first farm we have not been to for well over 6 months and the last visit was in the summer 2020 basically we knocked it down to the point where the numbers we very minimal and were no longer enough there to be effective with a airgun anyways long story short the farmer came out and we ended up doing more chatting then shooting, however still managed to dispatch a good few and as you will see and there’s a hell of a lot more there so next trip going to make a night of it.

The second permission some of you may recognise from our previous videos, it’s a really good permission and always get a good few rats here, we dispatched 50 a month or so ago but still a good few about and this visit was no different although going to give it a month before the next visit, but we did quite well again as you’ll see at the end.
All in all a good evenings shooting, a bit of wind on the first perm, no rain, it was not -0*c but was cold in the wind : (

This is my 6th video and this time the FX is sporting a new scope and I queued up the footage from both rifles in sequence, slightly harder to do but think it came out really good, let me know what you think in the comments below : )

The kit used in this video.

EDgun leshiy 2 topped with a ATN x-sight 4k pro running a modified ATN IR illuminator shooting off of a set of primos trigger sticks gen 2 firing jsb exact 10.34

FX dreamtac compact topped with a element helix ffp 6-24×50 running a PARD NV007 16mm again shooting off a set of primos trigger sticks gen 2 firing jsb hades 10.34

all spotting was done with the excellent Pulsar Axion XM30 key, very good unit and now won’t shoot rats or rabbits without it its that good!

As ever we provide a free pest control on a weekly basis for farmers/landowners basically anywhere are required.
We can do one off jobs, recycling centres, warehouse pigeon clearance, farm yards and buildings or can fit you into a weekly rotation.

we’re always on the look out for new permission/ ground to walk on so if anyone is interested or has a problem just give me a shout and as my YouTube name suggests its a totally free service we’re happy with just another place to go with our airguns.

This is my 6th effort in terms of making a video editing, chopping, transitions etc and yes before anyone states the obvious it is basic to say the very least, but I’m enjoying the process and I am having a go at the end of the day and I feel there is some progression kind of lol

I have zero ambition or becoming a big ass YouTube “STAR” or whatever that is, I’m simply on here to share a few clips with fellow peoples that enjoy similar activities to me, in this case pest control with air rifles.

To be honest I’m just a casual “YouTuber” and its a bit of fun for me, and just adds something else to one of my pass times plus its nice to share : )

That said I am getting a good few subscribers now so I just want to say a MASSIVE THANKYOU to everyone that has subscribed it does mean alot : ), I don’t actively ram the standard YouTuber jargon down my viewers throat and I want to keep it that way TBH, long story short I remember how good YouTube was before money and copyrights ruined it but that’s just my opinion but its just not what it was : (

That said I’m not a anti YouTube “YouTuber” lol, if anyone feels my “channel” might be a good platform or if you want to send me a gun or some gear to test I’d be more than happy to do so.

I’m not really an “unboxing” or “reviews” sort of bloke especially if I have limited time with something, I’m not into “hype” and hate these reviewers where everything is Awesome (imagine a annoying american accent) and “its a must have” even though they have had literally a day in some cases hours to me that’s nothing more hype and basically equates to a barefaced lie, if something is junk people need to know about it especially if you are “reviewing” something ffs, and don’t even get me started on “merch” !!!

That said, if given the time with a product and if I could say what was good and bad about it, I would be more than happy to give everyone my 2 pence, but for the most part I try to let the kit speak for itself in the field.

last of all massive thanks to Shooting Supplys ltd for the thermal and trigger sticks, EDguns UK for the leshiy 2, Solware for the FX dreamline and both the element scopes (one for me one for my bud), Banbury gunshop for the PARD and pellets was a pleasure to spend money with you all.

Anyways that’s enough waffle for today, enjoy