Dub FX, Sahida Apsara – Flow (Acoustic) | Sounds of Society | EP6

  • 2021.01.22
  • FX
Dub FX, Sahida Apsara – Flow (Acoustic) | Sounds of Society | EP6

#SoundsOfSociety is a project to document and present the sounds of today. It is a step towards a genre-free, no-rules, and an all-inclusive approach to presenting music-making and its associated performing arts.

Music that represents the social and cultural milieu in which you live. We are the sounds of today. We are the Sounds of Society.

Each episode is carefully curated, and in most cases it’s very spontaneous.

Presented by – Society Tea
Produced by – Urban Beat Project
Curated by – Laiq Qureshi

In this episode | Flow (Acoustic)
Lyrics: Dub FX | Sahida Apsara
Song Composition – Dub FX

In this episode of Sounds of Society, we want to share the story of love, transcending borders, race, colour. Happily married, Dub Fx and Sahida create this seamless flow of energy that moves with such intensity through their lyrical prowess. We are extremely happy to present this special acoustic rendition of Dub Fx’s popular tune – Flow. Shot here in Goa, on their visit to Goa Sunsplash, we were fortunate to have them spend an afternoon with us on a beautiful sunny day.


Joined at the soul with a pair of headphones
We need nobody to let ourselves go
Always at my side as we rock the stage show
In an ocean of music we move with the flow

A hand in my hand, I don’t wanna let go
A partner in life on this mean old road
We got the wind on a back that blows
We can’t drift apart, we just move with the flow /x2

Dub FX

Benjamin Stanford, better known by his stage name Dub FX, is an Australian musician and worldwide street performer.

Born in St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia, at the start of his career he was singing in a local alternative rock and rapcore band initially known as Twitch, which would later change its name to N.O.N (Never or Now). In 2004 they released a debut and the only album Exeunt Omnes. Soon after he moved to Italy and began a solo career. His trademark is creating rich live music using only his own performance aided by live looping and effects pedals combined with his voice. He creates intricate hip hop, reggae, and drum and bass rhythms.

Dub FX currently resides in Victoria, Australia with his wife, and two kids.


Sahida Apsara

Sahida Apsara is an Australian poet, songwriter, rapper, dancer and arts educator. Born in Singapore, coming from a half Indian/half Malay background, Sahida travelled the world from the age of 20 before settling in Australia 7 years later.

Having experienced race-based discrimination, physical and psychological violence and challenges as a newly-arrived migrant, she writes poems that centre on the themes of empowerment, migration, consciousness, domestic violence, gender, social and racial justice.


Video Credits

Producer and Curator: Laiq Qureshi
Director and DoP: Oleg Kuzmin
Photographer: Jayashree Ojha
Color Correction: Sadaf Javan
Packaging and Post Prod: Sadaf Javan
Mixing and Mastering: Ashyar Balsara
Recording Engineer: Laiq Qureshi
Promos: Jayashree Ojha